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As Approved Applicators for Dulux, PPG and Interpon, we offer warranties on their coatings.

Dulux Warranties

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PPG Warranties

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Interpon Warranties

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The MetWood Process and Warranty

1.  A photographic image is printed onto a film using special inks.
2.  The film is wrapped around a powder coated profile (we use Interpon D2525 STF powder, which has a 25year warranty available, details below).
3.  Through a heat transfer process, the inks from the image are transferred from the film INTO the powder coating (a process called sublimation). The film is then removed.
Interpon D2525 STF powder has been specifically manufactured for this sublimation process and has been tested with the films supplied by our Italian supplier, which have been widely used in Europe, The Americas, Asia, Australia and NZ. 

Interpon can provide a 25year warranty on the powder coating.  The main terms of the Interpon warranty are as follows, and are subject to their full terms and conditions:

Interpon D2525 STF Powder Warranty

Clause 1: Warranty (on the building)

1.1 Film Integrity

During the Warranty Period there will be no visible checking or cracking of the specified Interpon D2525 STF powder coating.

1.2 Color Integrity

1.2.1 Color Retention

Interpon D2525 STF powder coating (base coating only) when applied to test panels be less than or equal to 5 (five) CIELAB DE units when exposed in accordance with Clause of AAMA2604-10 and when measured in accordance with Clause of AAMA2604-10. (please refer to Note 1).
During the Warranty Period any change in color which may occur to the specified Interpon D2525 STF powder coating will occur evenly over any compatible surface provided that such surfaces are exposed to an even degree of weathering.

1.2.2 Chalking Resistance

Interpon D2525 STF powder coating when applied to test panels will be no more than that represented by a No. 6 rating based on ASTM D 4214, test method A (Method D 659) when exposed in accordance with Clause of AAMA2604-10 and when measured in accordance with Clause of AAMA2604-10.
During the Warranty Period any chalking which may occur to the specified Interpon D2525 STF powder coating will occur evenly over any compatible surface provided that such surfaces are exposed to an even degree of weathering.

Clause2 (Warranty on test panels)

2.1 Gloss Retention

The gloss retention of the specified Interpon D2525 STF powder coating when applied to test panels shall be greater than or equal to 30% when exposed in accordance with Clause of AAMA2604-10 and when measured in accordance with Clause of AAMA2604-05.
During  the  Warranty  Period  any  reduction  in gloss which may occur to the specified Interpon D2525 STF powder coating will occur evenly over any compatible surface provided that such surfaces are exposed to an even degree of weathering.

2.2 Adhesion

The adhesion of the specified Interpon D2525 STF powder coating, when initially applied to  test panels and when exposed in accordance with AAMA2604-10 Clause will show no removal of the film.