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As Approved Applicators for Dulux and Interpon, we offer warranties on their coatings.

Dulux Warranties

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Interpon Warranties

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The MetWood Process and Warranty

Metwood is a two stage process of powder coating followed by sublimation.  Through our suppliers, we are able to offer a 25 year warranty on the underlying powder coating from Interpon, and a 10 year warranty on the pattern from Menphis.  Further details can be found below:

The Metwood process

1.  A photographic image is printed onto a film using special inks by Menphis S.p.a.
2.  The film is wrapped around a powder coated profile (we use Interpon D2525 STF powder,).
3.  Through a heat transfer process, the inks from the image are transferred from the film INTO the powder coating (a process called sublimation). The film is then removed.
Interpon D2525 STF powder has been specifically manufactured for this sublimation process and has been tested with the films supplied by our Italian supplier, Menphis, which have been widely used in Europe, The Americas, Asia, Australia and NZ.  Interpon can provide a 25 year warranty on the powder coating, which covers colour (base powder coating colour only), chalking, gloss retention and adhesion.

Menphis S.p.a. provides a 10 year warranty on the pattern (for orders over $5,000). 

It is possible there will be some shifting in colour over time, however, regardless of the extent of colour change, it won’t change in an ‘unnatural way’ so as to significantly adversely affect the appearance of the surface to which the product has been applied.

Both warranties are subject to the specific terms and conditions of the respective suppliers.