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We stock only premium quality powder coating finishes

The Powder Coating Group offers premium quality powder coating finishes formulated and applied to provide outstanding durability in a variety of situations- from purely decorative to industrial and architectural applications in the harshest environments -high gloss, flat matt, smooth, rippled, textured, metallic, clear, and many, many other finishes including anti-grafitti, anti-mur and our new anti-microbial finishes.

We coat using the world’s leading powders from Dulux and Interpon.

Dulux Powder & Industrial Coatings is the largest powder supplier in Australia and New Zealand. They offer the widest range of premium powder coatings in the market and perform extensive testing to ensure product excellence, technical innovation and environmental performance — all whilst complying with the appropriate Australian and international standards.                          

Alumi Shield
Dulux Powder Coatings are an ideal choice for the long term protection of architectural aluminium items for your next project, and provide assurance through the issue of Alumi Shield™ Warranties. –

Duralloy are a range of solid, textured and pearlescent colours, and include the Colorsteel® standard colour range, delivered with warranty grade advanced durable polyester thermosetting powder.

Duratec are a range of warranty grade advanced super durable polyester thermosetting powder coating technology that utilise high performance pigments for colour production.

The Electro/Charisma anodised range is a collection of unique anodised look finishes, designed to subtly change in appearance as light conditions alter in the day, delivered with warranty grade advanced super durable polyester thermosetting powder.

Fluoroset are a range of subtle and neutral solid and pearlescent colours, delivered with warranty grade advanced ultra durable fluoropolymer thermosetting powder.

AkzoNobel are a global manufacturer of high quality powder coatings sold worldwide under the brand name of Interpon.

D1010 Premium is the powder coating product of choice for commercial and residential applications in New Zealand, ideal for a broad range of interior and exterior applications where excellent overall performance is required.

D2525 Ultivia™ is a ultra-durable powder coating range designed specifically for architectural applications where color retention and film integrity are critical. D2525 Ultriva™ is formulated with advanced polyester technology and high performance pigments to meet the AAMA 2604 performance standard.

D3020 Flouromax® is a fluoropolymer powder coating engineered specifically for applications where color retention and film integrity are critical. Fluoromax® is formulated with an advanced fluoropolymer technology and high performance pigments to meet AAMA 2605 performance standard.

Interpon EC™ – Easy Clean / Anti Graffiti Finishes 
Interpon (EC is an exterior durable powder coating that allows the simple and rapid removal of most forms of graffiti, reducing overall maintenance costs and ensuring the appearance of powder coated surfaces are maintained.
Surface damage caused by markers, spray paint and other forms of graffiti on Interpon EC coated items can be easily cleaned using common solvents without causing dullness or damage to the finished coating.
The increased toughness of the Interpon EC finished film also offers a high level of scratch and abrasion resistance making it an ideal coating for any article subject to graffiti damage.
Available in two stock colors and a wide range of custom colours, as well as a clear suitable for application over polyester top coats. It Is ideal for public benches, rubbish bins, public transport, schools and outdoor furniture, fencing, and ATMs.

Interpon Textura™ - Anti-Mar Powder Coating
The ‘fine texture’ finish and advanced powder coating technology of Interpon’s D1010 Textura® finish combine to reduce packaging costs and transport damage due to maring. It is available in several popular colours.

Interpon AM™ - Anto-Microbial Finishes 

Validated and independently quality control tested to ISO 22196:2011 Interpon AM “includes BioCote® anti-microbial silver* ion technology meaning that it can reduce microbial growth, such as bacteria and mold up to 99.9% on Interpon AM coated surfaces.”                        
Providing 24/7 anti-microbial protection against 99.99% of bacteria and mold. It will not wear off, wash out or leach from the coating and is ideal for use in clinics, schools, gyms, food preparation and high traffic areas.