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Powder Coating Auckland projects
Powder Coating Auckland projects
Powder Coating Auckland projects

Luxury Residence, Castor Bay, Auckland

Evoking sea and sand-weathered look to reflect this beautiful, sea-facing location, Ancient Grey Oak MetWood finish was specified for a fence and gate that gives privacy to a secluded area of the grounds.  

Aluminium was chosen with a Metwood finish for its low maintenance in a coastal environment, while giving the appearance of a softer wooden area.  Aluminium overcomes some of the issues associated with timber fencing with changing weather conditions where gates and doors often stick when wood expands in wet conditions.

Black Wenge Metwood finish was used for the main entrance louvres providing a softer look than a traditional powder coated louvre, and overcoming the maintenance costs and issues associated with second floor timber solutions.  These louvres were custom made to cater for the exacting requirements of the architect, and Metwood was a flexible product that could be coated on the required profiles.
Black Wenge Metwood finish was used for the main gate and side gate that opens to the beach, to tie into the black timber fencing that surrounds the property, providing a durable aluminium solution to these frequently used openings.  Metwood was applied to external panels of the main gate, which was assembled around a powder coated frame.
Standard powder coating finishes applied by the Powder Coating Group can also be found throughout the house on facades, louvres, flashings, etc. 
“We are delighted with the outcome that has been achieved through the use of Metwood.  We have the appearance of natural wood that softens the look, but have all the benefits of Aluminum in terms of durability, maintenance and a non warping material.  Metwood is virtually maintenance free, so we no longer need to worry about re-staining louvres on the second floor, which will provide a significant cost saving over time”  (Home Owner).

Retail Powder Coating

Commercial Bay, Auckland

Powder Coating Group was employed by numerous interior and exterior fitout companies to provide coating and MetWood finishes for commercial, office and retail spaces throughout the development. Including: ceilings, baffles, balustrades, perforated screens and panels and shop fitouts.
Powder Coating Group imported the bespoke gold coloured powder from Italy, especially for T&R Interiors involvement in this project.

Country Club Huapai Auckland - Powder Coating Group

Coutry Club Huapai, Auckland.

"a superior retirement lifestyle for the over 60’s, in the heart of Auckland wine country"(www.countryclubhuapai)

MetWood's Black Wattle woodgrain finish has been used to provide warmth and elegance to Insol's soffits, wall returns, baffles around the balconies and the imposing 4-storey entrance archway.

Featuring extensively on both front and back elevations of the Country Club Building, the same MetWood finish is also included on the individual housing units in the surrounding retirement village.

With an extensive range of wodgrain finishes available, Insol selected a Metwood woodgrain finish for their aluminium profiles used within this project because of its durability, its lightweight ease of installation, virtually maintenance-free, and the available 25year warranty.

MetWood Rimu Finish - Powder Coating Group NZ

Auckland Transport Ferry Terminal, Kennedy Point, Waiheke Island, Auckland.

Waiheke Island’s AT Ferry Terminal Building has undergone a facelift!

Cladding Systems NZ Ltd. used their sleek and stylish, solid aluminium cladding system, finished in MetWood Rimu to upgrade and update the AT Transport Hub, which provides ticket purchase, restroom and waiting room facilities for passengers travelling between Waiheke Island and Auckland city centre.

With the inherent properties of aluminium, the robustness of the Cladding Systems NZ Ltd. fixing system and the durability of the MetWood finish, the new-look terminal will cope beautifully with whatever the sea, sun and weather will throw at it for many years to come.

Why was a MetWood finish chosen?

“This project’s position requires the most durable finish available that can be applied to our pre-formed panels. Careful planning and coordination were required to obtain what we believe to be an excellent result. The MetWood finish is the first thing everyone sees and its use in close proximity to public foot traffic made compelling argument for its inclusion. The Warranty supplied covers 25 years against gloss retention and chalking in a marine environment.” (Cladding Systems NZ Ltd. 2020)

MetWood Rich Oak Finish - Powder Coating Group NZ
MetWood Rich Oak Finish - Powder Coating Group NZ
MetWood Rich Oak Finish - Powder Coating Group NZ

Multi-Unit Residential Development, Murray's Bay, Auckland

MetWood Rich Oak features on both front and side elevations, window surrounds and entrance doorways of this multi-unit new-build development in Murray's Bay, Auckland.

Creating a contrast with Ullrich's Shadowline Cladding boards powder coated in black and white, the MetWood finish will provide a durable, long-lasting finish with all the benefits of an aluminium cladding while retaining the aesthetic appeal of a wood product.

Commercial Powder Coating Auckland - Powder Coating Group

Sebel Hotel, Auckland

Commercial Powder Coating Auckland - Powder Coating Group
Commercial Powder Coating Auckland - Powder Coating Group
Commercial Powder Coating Auckland - Powder Coating Group

Westlight Apartments, Glen Eden, Auckland