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Our History

Having commenced operations in 1988, the Powder Coating Group has amalgamated and disposed of businesses over time, and now operates:

  • REP Powder Coatings in Penrose

  • MetWood in Penrose

Having changed ownership in 2019 we are now going from strength to strength.

While continuing to focus on our core powder coating business, we have set about strengthening our product range to customers with the introduction of our first MetWood sublimation line in 2019, followed by a second, highly-automated machine in 2021.

We are committed to bringing new products to the market and work closely with our suppliers and customers on research & development projects.

We are a kiwi owned business operated by a multi-cultural team bringing many skills and experiences into the business to give our customers the best service and results. Some of our staff have been with us since the 1990’s while others have joined us more recently including a number who have moved to NZ, bringing their skills and experience with them.

Powder Coatings 1988 - Powder Coating Group NZ
R.E.P Powder Coating

Environmental Aims

We are committed to reducing waste and we regularly review our products and practices and implement sustainability initiatives & use of technology to reduce our impact on the environment.

We also donate to the West Auckland Resource Centre - an amazing place where businesses can donate clean and safe waste ‘stuff’ to be used creatively as craft resources by schools and private individuals, instead of it going literally to waste in landfill.

Click their logo to link to their webiste - maybe there’s something your business could donate instead of dump?

The Environmentally Friendly Option
Powder coating is inherently a more environmentally friendly process than wet painting or anodizing, as;

• No Water is used
• No solvents, VOC’s or harmful chemicals are used
• No leaching occurs from either the powder or cured finishes
• The extremely hard-wearing finishes last for much longer, so re-coating is needed far less often.

Powder Coating Group NZ Limited is located at 2 sites in Auckland