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Powder Coating (including Pre-treatment)

We are one of the few approved powder coating applicators in NZ for all of the major powder suppliers.  This means we are able to offer warranties from these suppliers. We coat using the world’s leading powders from Dulux, PPG & Interpon.

The Powder Coating Group offers premium quality powder coating finishes formulated and applied to provide outstanding durability in a variety of situations- from purely decorative to industrial and architectural applications in the harshest environments -high gloss, flat matt, smooth, rippled, textured, metallic, clear, and many, many other finishes including anti-grafitti, anti-mur and our new anti-microbial finishes.

We are experts in powder coating. We have the technical knowledge, the decades of experience and the specialist on-site facilities to deliver a prompt and professional finish every time.

With our extensive facilities ranging from a batch oven to our 25m continuous ovens, we are able to powder coat a wide range of items from standard aluminium extrusions through to steel and galvanised metal. And our comprehensive pre-treatment systems ensure the best possible preparation for any work we coat - giving you peace of mind for a long-lasting result. 

Using an electro-static charge, a specially formulated powder paint layer is applied to your items, which are then heated in our commercial ovens; causing the powder paint layer to polymerise. Once cool, the powder coating layer provides an extremely tough and durable layer of protection against corrosion and abrasion. Your items are then carefully packed to your individual requirements for safe transportation. 


We offer a complete blasting service for your metal items.
Blasting is undertaken to prepare metals for further coating or other uses. A key area for sandblasting is in the preparation of galvanised surfaces prior to coating. A light sweep sandblast leaves a slightly textured surface which is much more suitable to take the coating without destroying the galvanised layer. 

Blasting may be a requirement as part of your warranty system.

This gives a longer lasting and more resistant finish especially when used in conjunction with an Epoxy undercoat. Our onsite blasting unit enables us to provide a one-stop-shop for customers requiring both blasting and powder coating treatments, eliminating the need for additional transportation between sites. Our integrated service delivery reduces both cost and time, and diminishes the risk of any corrosion occurring before the coating can be applied. We also are happy to provide our customers with a blast only service. 

Sandblasting Auckland


With our onsite stripping unit we are able to chemically strip powder coating off previously coated metals, removing all traces of old coatings and, leaving your items completely clean and ready for powder coating.

Unlike over-coated metal, stripped and recoated architectural aluminium can still achieve mill finish quality levels in powder coated finish. After stripping, we protect the exposed surface from corrosion or deterioration by moving seamlessly to a chemical pre-treatment process and then finally apply the powder coat. 

Due to high demand we can only offer stripping to our powder coating and MetWood customers.

Stripping off powder coating


Beautiful, and durable woodgrain finishes.

We are New Zealand's leading sublimation business, able to offer high quality sublimation finishes, on aluminium and steel, using the best sublimation powders and films the world has to offer.

Our premium heat transfer process creates a range of woodgrain, stone, concrete and metallic finishes on cladding, fencing, baffles, doors, gates, windows, pergolas, balustrades ...