Pre-treatment of a surface is vital for ensuring a quality, long lasting result for our clients.

We have specialist, onsite facilities to pre-treat aluminium, zinc and ferrous substrates, including derusting, zinc phosphate, acid etch and chromate baths. Our large 9 metre tanks, can handle a broad range of metal component sizes.  We also have de-ionised water rinsing suitable for longer term coating warranty applications.

We use quality Henkel products  for our pre-treatment processes.  Henkel’s chemical specialists provide expert assistance to our business to ensure all pre-treatments are of the highest standard.


We have a sandblasting and grit blasting facility on site, and can pre-treat items with a light sand sweep blast right through to a full grit blast.



For items which are not robust enough to blast, we have the on-site capability to strip back to a bare surface.


Powder Coating

We have a variety of spray booths and oven configurations which can be tailored to the specific requirements of each job, whether long run or small and oddly shaped components.


Wet Spraying

As an approved applicator, we can provide warrantied, industrial, wet spraying services for a wide range of products at our purpose built premises.



Blasting is undertaken to prepare metals for further coating or other uses. One of the key areas where we use sandblasting is in the preparation of galvanised surfaces prior to coating. A light sweep sandblast leaves a slightly textured surface much more suitable to take the coating without destroying the galvanised layer. This gives a longer lasting and more resistant finish especially when used in conjunction with an Epoxy undercoat.

Our onsite blasting unit enables us to provide a one-stop-shop for customers requiring both blasting and powder coating treatments, eliminating the need for additional transportation between sites. Our integrated service delivery reduces both cost and time, and diminishes the risk of any corrosion occurring before the coating can be applied.

We also are happy to provide our customers with a blast only service.


With our onsite stripping unit we are able to chemically strip powder coating off previously coated metals.

This is particularly useful in turning any old coated stock of aluminium extrusion into usable mill finish or newly coated lengths. Remember when architectural aluminium is stripped and then recoated it is still possible to attract the appropriate powder coat warranties, whereas over-coated metal does not.

After stripping, we protect the exposed surface from corrosion or deterioration by moving seamlessly to a chemical pre-treatment process and then finally apply the powder coat.


We are experts in powder coating. We have the technical knowledge, decades of experience and specialist on-site facilities to deliver a professional finish for any job.

With our extensive facilities ranging from a batch oven to our 25m continuous ovens, we are able to powder coat a wide range of items from standard aluminium extrusions through to steel and galvanised metal. We are happy to coat any smaller items or one offs such as garden furniture, wheel rims, gym equipment right through to large items such as yacht masts, gates and fences. Our comprehensive pre-treatment systems ensure the best possible preparation for any work we coat, giving you peace of mind for a long lasting result.

Our powder coating process is environmentally friendly, as we use no solvents or V.O.C.s (Volatile Organic Compounds).

We are a Registered Powder Applicator and only use high quality powder from recognised suppliers Dulux, PPG and Interpon.

Registered Powder Applicators must conform to exact procedures for preparation, application, documentation and testing. We are subjected to regular audits, to confirm continued compliance to procedure by the powder providers. Due to these strict quality protocols, we are able to issue warranties for our powder coating.

We are proud to provide our clients with an extensive range of colours and finishes:


With our onsite wet spray booth, we can apply industrial level paint finishes, and offer up to 10 year warranties, fully tested and endorsed by our paint suppliers. We are also able to offer wet spraying for larger components which will not fit into conventional powder coating ovens. We only use paint from reputable suppliers, applied to specification, giving you long lasting, quality results.